The coordinates N 50°21'46.1" / E 7°36'12.2 indicate the square meter of land in the city of Koblenz that Peter Kees has occupied and declared his territory through his installation.

Foto: Eigenbetrieb Grünflächen- und Bestattungswesen of Stadt Koblenz; montage and sketch: Peter Kees

Even in the ancient world, Arcadia were declared as ideal spaces in which people can enjoy an untroubled, simple life in harmony with nature and the world. Even though these spaces are known, and an area of land in Greece has been named an Arcadia, they have not been documented on maps.

In 2006, the artist Peter Kees founded the Arcadian Embassy, distributes visa and of-fers asylum. Since 2013, he marks pieces of land in different countries as Arcadia and informs the respective governements. He has done so in Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands. The Arcadian Square symbolizes liberty and emphasizes the role of landscape in cities.

Peter Kees@Foto: BBF Sigi Fischer

Peter Kees, was born in Bayreuth, Bavaria in 1965. He lives and works in Berlin and Bavaria..

Further information about the artist can be found here and on

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